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Regardless of income or employment status, you may qualify for the My Pfizer Brands program if you:
  • Pay for prescriptions with insurance at the pharmacy (this means you are self-insured or have prescription coverage through your employer or your spouse’s employer)
  • Pay out-of-pocket (cash) for your prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • Don’t purchase prescriptions through Medicare, Medicaid, or a federal or state program
  • Are not a resident of a state where this program is prohibited by law. Please check your brand's website for specific terms and conditions

To verify eligibility, select brand-name product from those listed in the keyboard located on the home page. Then, click through to the available savings offer.

If you are not eligible:
  • There may be other ways you can save on your prescriptions through Pfizer RxPathways®, Pfizer’s patient assistance program. To learn more, visit